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Conference video production refers to the process of recording an event video during a company, industry, or national convention, meeting, exhibition, and other events then producing a video for your audience. 

The process also involves capturing the audio to ensure the audience can relate to what is happening.

We have a slogan “whatever happens in a conference, stays in a video.”

 It does not matter where it occurred, who attended, and what happened; we will be there at your request to capture the whole of it and produce quality video evidence that it occurred.

What Type Of Events Do We Cover?

We capture a wide range of events described below.

Convention Coverage

Many conventions address different topics and concerns; we are always available to capture the keynote addresses during these conventions. 

Conventions sometimes can be held in different locations and attended by different people, so we ensure our camera crew is in all the locations capturing the live events.

Then we create a video bringing these events in one video that captures the entire convention. Those watching the video will never realize the convention occurred in various locations.

Corporate Meetings

Corporate or government meetings are crucial events; sometimes, a follow-up video is necessary for those who did not attend or for future references.

We ensure the event is available to the public, edit it to ensure we capture the best and contentious moments, such as press releases and many more.

Trade Show Videos

Trade shows are a common ground for various activities such as product launches, announcements of corporate reforms, and mergers. Our team will capture the exhibits, products, speeches, and other activities that summarize and illustrates whatever transpired in the show.

We do trade show video production services for industries such as telecommunications and many more. We can also do it for companies interested in capturing key moments in the show.


Like trade shows, we offer event video services for exhibitions done by publishers, tech companies, artists, and many more. We also cover exhibitions done by nations, such as covering Dubai and Paris exhibition shows. We do both local and international exhibitions.

Stage Event

Stage events affect the company’s public image and reputation and are crucial for company marketing. We do special stage event videos of company CEOs and top managers presenting speeches or revealing products. 

Our camera crew ensures we capture the ideal posture, moments, and activities to make the video suitable and ideal for company marketing and branding.

Panel Discussions

We capture what your panelists said, their reactions to certain concerns and questions, and their body language. 

We produce a quality video that can be used as a company learning material and for marketing and academic references.

The Conference Video Production Process

The video production process begins immediately after you reach out to us. We will send a team to discuss the details such as the date, location, and many more. After the first discussion, we structure the process into the following stages.

Pre Event Process

 This involves the events that come before the actual conference occurs. The main prevent process is event planning. During this stage, we plan for the upcoming events alongside other teams involved in making the event a success.

We work with event planners to understand the necessary arrangements to position our camera crew, audio devices, and any other special item we will use.

We also work with the company staff so that we can understand your demands and any other needs. We go through the event schedules and protocols to ensure we do not miss out on any detail during the event.

Processes During The Event

 The main processes here include video recording and livestreaming. Some companies want the event live-streamed on channels such as YouTube, company websites, and even social media.

We will ensure people can view the live event and get the contents properly. We will capture speakers, audience, and any other activity that the live audiences should view.

During the event, we position our camera crew effectively to capture everything. We also set a central location for our coordination team to ensure that other activities such as live streaming run smoothly and the audience can get the videos and the audios without any buffers.

As the event comes to an end, we will also capture memorable moments such as any product launches, picture sessions, farewell speeches, and many more. We will also capture testimony videos as the attendees describe their experiences during the event.

Post Event Activities

This is where the real bulk lies. After recording all the activities, we have large volumes of data that cannot be shown to the public. Our first process is video editing, which involves cutting and joining various videos to ensure the video transitions and runs smoothly.


During the editing, we also include necessary clips such as audience reactions. We capture the applause, smiles, and happy moments to ensure those watching the video get entertained.

During the editing, we also create other special videos, such as highlights videos and testimonial videos. The highlights videos highlight key moments in the event, such as speaker’s line up, event opening, closure, and product launches.

Adding And Capturing Testimonial Videos 

The testimonial videos capture the audience’s reactions to the event. The highlight and testimonial videos are good marketing videos to promote the brand and the upcoming video.

After editing, we do a video review which involves our teams watching the video and criticizing it. This enables us to correct any mistakes, make adjustments such as boosting video quality and audio.

We Review With You

The review can be done more than thrice to ensure the final content is perfect. We only submit the video to our client once we are satisfied with the content. We also allow company employees to review and request any changes before uploading the videos to websites and other channels.

Benefits Of Video Conference Production

A Recap Of The Events

During events, shows, fairs, and conferences, most people get overwhelmed with the fun and the joy of attending the event, meeting new people, and the entertainment.

This may affect their ability to concentrate during the event hence missing crucial discussions and items. In the future, they may need a reminder of the event or refer to the content in pursuit of some information.

Meet The Needs Of Those Who Could Not Attend

As a company, you need to show that you care for all the invitees, including those who could not make it to the event.

Conference video production services will help you capture the entire event, keynote speeches, and addresses so that those who did not have a chance to attend or stream online can catch up on what transpired.

Accountability And Memories

People easily forget what transpired within two months since they attend various conferences and events. For a company, the memories are crucial for accountability purposes.

Having the whole event recorded will enable the company managers to account for issues such as event expenditures and prove the event’s success. It also enables the company to keep track of its main events.

Marketing Video

Marketing is dynamic and diverse; it is no longer about product promotion and advertisements. It entails more activities such as brand promotion and awareness.

Conference video production enables companies to capture the conferences, optimize the videos and upload event highlights on major social media networks and other digital platforms.

This enables viewers to recognize the company. Secondly, the uploaded marketing video can also contain the topics and discussions currently affecting society; hence many people can view the conference videos, further improving the company image.

Some conference videos can also be used as academic materials, especially if the keynote speakers focus on certain academic matters or topics of academic interest. Academic interest improves brand reputation and awareness.

Learning Tools

The Company can also use these videos as learning tools to address particular matters. They can use the contents to train employees on management, negotiations, and improving productivity. This saves the company the capital and time involved in hiring experts.

The employees can easily download the conference videos, watch the contents, and then brainstorm on important elements.

Why Hire Us?

 you already know the benefits of having your conference video recorded; hence you need the best person to do the job. If you are going to spend much capital on event video production, you better go for the best services; and that is us.

Excellent And Skilled Staff

Our crew has vast experience in video production services; some have worked in the movie and music industries and are not new to this.

They position themselves appropriately to ensure they capture every activity. They will focus on keynote speakers, capture audience reactions, and any other moments that deserve to be in the video.

We also have a trained video editing crew that ensures the videos are in HD and any other unnecessary content does not feature in the main video. The video editing services ensure a smooth transition from one speaker or activity to the next.

Quality Services

 When I talk of quality video production services, I mean high-definition videos with no bugs and other video issues. You also need the best and quality audio to accompany the video. Both should not buffer and should be very clear.

We have state-of-the-art facilities, HD cameras, microphones, and other sound systems to ensure we deliver the best audios and videos.

Sometimes accidents may occur during and after events; one of the most common mistakes for video producers is the contents getting deleted, corrupt by a virus, or the crew losing a disk containing the video.

We got such risk covered with instant cloud upload services that act as a backup to ensure you get your conference videos regardless of whatever happened.


We have worked with various clients and helped them capture quality videos. We are not new to this; we also have sufficient experience in other event video production services, such as video optimization for social media audiences and generating quality event highlights.


If you need a video production company for your event, we are readily available to meet your needs. We have a vast staff who can instantly attend to your need at aff

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