What Is A Video Production Service?

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The power of promotional videos as a marketing tool can not be overrated. Besides, there are many video services, and such services include live events, video projects, and video editing. A video prodcution service can provide you with all the skills and experience you need to create the exact video you need for your product or service. 

Thus, whether you are interested in short explainer videos, short event videos, or corporate video products, you will want to read on.

What Is Video Production Service?

Whether television commercials or social media videos, production is the process of creating video for a target audience.

In fact, there are countless videos on YouTube channels that offer tremendous value while promoting a product or service.

Why Does Video Marketing Matter?

For instance, there are educational videos on how to code a website that either directly sells a membership to a coding bootcamp or offers a free webinar that promotes that product. And, of course, once you build an email marketing list from such people, you could promote products or services with effective copywriting.

And keep in mind, all this is far superior to cold pitching because if such prospects were not already interested in your industry they would not have watched the video nor the webinar to begin with.

In short, an effective video marketing strategy could do great things for your business.

Reasons to Implement a Video Marketing Strategy

  • Pique the curiosity of your prospects
  • Build an email marketing list
  • Funnel clients/customers to your website
  • 78% of people online watch multiple videos every week

And, of course, the bottom line is that by working with the right experienced video production company, you will make more money from your investment. And what business does not want that?

What Types of Marketing Videos Are There?

As with other great web content, great video marketing provides value to the customer. And there are various ways of doing this. Like most products and services though, you are proposing a solution to the prospect’s problem.

Many people want to make money online but do not know how. They have a skill they believe the industry needs and have created a successful business model from it.  

As an example, The Make Money Online (MMO) niche is a lucrative one. There is a plethora of How-To videos about Copywriting, Full Stack Web Development, and Self-Publishing on the market consumers can, well consume. 

Since most online business in the MMO world do not need a storefront, making money from home appeals to a broad group of people and for many it is the ultimate dream. They would have location freedom (i.e., can work from anywhere) and have the ability to create their own schedule.

Businesses that create videos around someone’s dream or want, will get viewed, and from there the consumer is likely to want to engage with them. 

In summary, businesses that put out marketing videos will offer additional services that provide solutions for all sizes of businesses. 

Popular Marketing Videos To Post

  1. Social Media Videos
  2. How-To Videos
  3. Webinars
  4. Product Videos

We have all seen these videos. Some are really good and we clicked on them. Some marketing videos will even get us to engage. If marketing videos are done right, which are usually created from an experienced skilled video production company, consumers will engage. 

Social Media Is Made For Marketing Videos

While social media videos could include the other categories below, this is a great way to reach your target audience. There are a few tips to keep in mind though.

  • Be concise.
  • Compel your audience to comment.
  • Have a clear Call to Action (CTA)

Be Concise And Stay On Point

Living in the Internet Age, everyone has shorter attention these days. This is commonly attributed to the existence of hyperlinks that web users click before finishing the article they began reading.

For instance, in his book Digital Millionaire Secrets, entrepreneur Dan Henry discusses the “Goldfish Rule”: “What would you say to a goldfish as it darts around its tank, to get its attention. Could you? If you can, then you will likely be pretty good at advertising”.

Compel Your Audience to Comment

When a Facebook user comments on your post, your future content is more likely to appear in their newsfeed thanks to the Facebook algorithm. This is indeed why so many Facebook pages use comment bait.

However, you could also learn a lot about your target audience through such comments.

All that said, it is also a great idea to outsource social media management to professionals. You want a social media manager that knows how to effectively implement social media strategies and build brand awareness.

Have a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

People want to buy anyway, but you still need to ask them. As copywriter Jim Edwards puts it in his book Copywriting Secrets, “You put value in front of them. Then you invite them to take the next step which is to buy the stuff they want anyway.

How-To videos are a great way to pique the curiosity of prospects.

For instance, the Clever Programmer’s YouTube channel offers many valuable videos featuring sequential steps to complete Web Development projects. On the one hand, these videos are free to watch, and you can learn how to create entire websites (i.e., frontend, backend, databases) with them alone.

However, their $20,000 coding bootcamp generates revenue for them. Still, they also offer webinars to funnel prospects to the sign-up page for their bootcamp course.

Webinars are also a popular way to convert prospects.

As entrepreneur Dan Henry notes in his book Digital Millionaire Secrets, “Webinars are just online presentations. The webinar format has been around for thousands of years”.

For instance, everyone has heard of the free stays accompanied by timeshares pitches. And selling has been around since before the existence of money, transactions being facilitated through the bartering system.

Product Reviews Help Affiliate Marketers  

Particularly suitable for affiliate marketing, product reviews evaluate the performance and quality of various products. For instance, as an affiliate marketer, you might compare website hosing companies and recommend one.

Then, if you provide an affiliate link to the product you recommend, you will receive a commission from every product sold through clicking your link.

All things considered, offering something of value for free to prospects is an effective strategy. But, again, be sure to include a clear Call to Action (CTA). Don’t make the prospect guess what products or services you are selling.

For instance, you might say, “Sign up for my Copywriting 101 Course. The link is in the comments section.”

Make it easy for them to say yes and harder to say no.

Make the Most of Your Marketing

Now that you are armed with the various advantages and aspects of professional video production, there is no reason not to hire a video production company.

However, there’s a lot more to marketing than video marketing, so be mindful of the comprehensive strategy that you devise.

Ways to Market Alongside Video Marketing 

  • Video Marketing (e.g., Webinars)
  • Copywriting
  • Content Writing
  • Lead Magnets (e.g., book giveaways)

Video Marketing (e.g., Webinars)

Video marketing is a powerful tool because it allows you to reach people where they spend most of their time: on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, according to Hubspot, 60% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over advertisements.

But, don’t think that all you have to do is post a couple of videos on YouTube and you’ll get results. You must craft engaging content that provides real value to your audience.


The primary goal of Copywriting is to persuade someone to take action. This could be anything from clicking a link to purchasing a product to entering their email into the field of a form.

Content Writing

Unlike copywriting, the immediate goal of Content is to inform. This enables you to establish credibility with your target audience. However, the primary goal of SEO Writing in content is to attract your audience to the landing page.

The use of SEO Writing is perhaps the most popular way to attract clients to your website. While the use of keywords and phrases has been used for years, there is a new form of Advanced SEO now: page experience.

It focuses on user experience but includes consideration of sites with https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) in their URL.

In short, along with the other marketing methods, you need web content to attract customers and clients to your landing page.

Lead Magnets (e.g., book giveaways)

Book giveaways have utilized both authors and business owners. What you might not realize though is that you do not have to write a book to offer one. Like so many other services, you could hire a ghostwriter to pen it for you.

Such a book giveaway enables you to build your email marketing list which you could use to make future sales pitches (with great copywriting). However, you could also use the book as a funnel to your website–something affiliate marketers know all too well.

Beyond this, you could use the book to establish expertise and build brand awareness directly acquiring clients or customers.

In fact, in her book Backwards Book Launch, Michelle Kulp promotes the idea of viewing Self-Publishing as the opportunity to do this, as opposed to focusing on revenue from royalties alone. And with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you could Self-Publish for free.

Before long, you are sure to observe a sufficient return on investment (ROI).

Why Outsource At All?

Lastly, you might be wondering why you can not just do all the marketing on your own. There are, however, two great reasons that entrepreneurs outsource.

Reasons to Outsource

  • Experts Are More Capable.
  • Dollarization Determines Outsourcing Decisions.

Dollarization Determines Decisions

A shrewd entrepreneur calculates how much their time is worth (i.e., dollarization). For instance, if a WordPress Developer generates $100 per hour they code and it would cost them 3 hours to create something (video, web content), that is $300 worth of their time.

It would be less expensive to focus on their work and outsource to experts. Similarly, outsourcing invoicing and budgeting to a freelance Virtual Assistant who charges $16 per hour saves that entrepreneur $84 per hour.

Make The Return On Your Marketing Investment

All things considered, production services are clearly a wise investment for a business to make. Besides, they complete a whole host of video projects ranging from video of live events to training videos to mere video editing. So regardless of the type of video, we are worth contacting.

We will professionally manage the entire process for you from the planning of pre production to the video editing.

Do not miss this opportunity to engage your prospects and ramp up your revenue. If you have a product or service worth selling, engage your target audience and establish credibility in your industry.

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