Is Training Video Production A Good Investment For My Business?

Team training with people and video screen

Training video production can be used for a variety of purposes including retraining, onboarding new hires, and handling employee questions.

Rather than taking time from a busy schedule, team members can always refer to corporate training videos that fulfill the employees’ needs.

Video training doesn’t have to take a long time to view unless you want it to. A very short explainer video can be extremely effective.

Are Training Videos Worth It?

Yes. Why are training video production so important? The quality of your service directly correlates with an employee’s knowledge of the products and services you offer. The more you educate your team, the better they will serve your customers. 

Not only that, it’s important for your employees to know the legal implications of your business, i.e. information that can be disclosed to clients or customers versus proprietary information that cannot be shared with anyone.

Also, training videos are highly customizable and can meet any needs you desire and can be reused in many different applications of training and company awaeness.

High Quality Videos Impact The Viewer

A high quality company training video has the ability to change the behaviors of the audience. Ensure your training is not forgotten by making it interesting and impactful. Meet your company goals in a cinematic way.

Any task that requires some level of complexity will benefit from professional training videos covering the subject. With a training video to rely on, you can rest assured that any demonstrations are performed correctly every time, in any condition.

The quality of your company training should not be affected by the instructor having a bad day. You can follow up the training video with a task for the employee to perform to ensure they have gained knowledge from the video.

Why Create A Training Video?

A quality training video results in a more productive workforce, especially if your organization has a number of employees. A training video can significantly reduce the amount of time necessary to train an employee.

The videos can cover a wide range of topics relevant to your company. This effectively offers a comprehensive education for employees, ensuring you’ve covered every item an employee needs to know.

Create In Depth Videos For Your Teams

In-depth training videos help guarantee that each employee knows how to perform tasks pertinent to their job function. You can also use the videos as an opportunity to promote product and service awareness. An effective training video also increases workplace safety and decreases accidents.

A workplace with less risk of accidents results in a more productive and efficient environment. Additionally, video production aids growth and scalability, providing a presence for your company when a person cannot do so.

What Do Training Videos Do?

Your company’s training video can fulfill a variety of purposes. It can show an employee how to specifically perform their job, keep them up to date with the latest industry or company news, or provide guidance and tips. By using these videos, your training can remain consistent across days, months, and even years.

Benefits Of Training Videos

What are the training goals of your company? Your company’s goals will be the main objective of the video or video series. Training videos provide a cost-effective method to train employees without the cost of an instructor.

Plus, video training is more scalable than having a single instructor travel from office to office. A single instructor would have to deal with a class that increasingly grows in size. Instructor-based education requires a far greater time commitment.

Most people find that video content will hold their attention better than a lecture or reading pages of text.

Training Videos Increase Knowledge Retention

It has been found that people retain more information from watching a video. Training is an investment of time and money. Investing in video-based training helps ensure that the information stays with the employee. Many people retain what they’ve learned better in video format as opposed to text.

Training Videos Enhance Your Culture and Branding

Your team is a part of your brand. Your video can make your staff members feel that they are part of a team. The video can also help create a cohesive brand shared amongst the team.

Your training videos provide you with an opportunity to create a strong bond amongst your staff members. Training videos make your team members excited about learning information. Having a strong team to represent your brand isn’t just about making sure you make the right hire.

Video training production is a powerful development tool for the great hiring choices you made.

Training Videos Reach More People

Videos can give your brand a greater reach. They’re able to communicate your message in a concise way that’s more conducive to sharing.

Your videos can double as a form of education and entertainment. By converting your text-based standard operating procedures or employee training into video format you have the potential of reaching many more people.

Training Videos Are An Efficient Use Of Resources

A major benefit of video training is that you can pay a one-time cost to have a resource that you can use continuously over a long time period. Videos are highly flexible and as your company grows and changes you can add new concepts as you see fit.

Meet The Needs Of Your Team

Everyone learns in a different way. Video is most accommodating because it meets the needs of people who learn visually and auditory learners. Video training is engaging and entertaining for the viewer. Focusing on internal communications can also greatly benefit your brand.

Encourage Self-Governance

Training videos are always available to your employees if they have a question or need a reference point. These videos can enable your employees to solve issues autonomously.

In the event that a manager or co-worker does not have the answer, the employee can always turn to a training video for guidance. Staff members will be able to refer back to any certain piece of company information from anywhere if you so choose.

You can always choose to host and store your proprietary videos privately, sharing with certain members as needed.

Track An Individual Team Member’s Progress

It’s easy to track whether an employee has completed video training or not. You can easily determine through analytics whether the user viewed the video and if they watched it until the end.

Alternatively, with text-based training, it’s difficult to determine whether an employee read through an entire manual of standard operating procedures.

Scale Your Business Internationally

Video training makes it easy to distribute company information at scale. You can choose to make your company videos viewable from anywhere. Video training helps your business communication by allowing you to conduct training sessions internationally.

There are a variety of ways you can use video technology advantageously to benefit your business. A well-planned training video is evergreen content and usable for many years to come.

The Training Video Production Process

Training video production companies start the process of creating a training video begins with a planned outline. The video production process is simple. You need to know who your target audience is and the main points you’d like the audience members to know.


The pre-production stage includes storyboarding, scriptwriting, and determining location if necessary. The storyboard can be as simple as hand drawings or screenshots.

Any information you can provide to help shape what your video will look like and the content it contains is helpful.

Greate Editing Is Key

Corporate training video production involves editing the video itself, music, voiceover narration, and special effects. After post-production, the final product is ready to be rolled out for distribution.

Post Production

After post-production, the training video production process is complete and the video will be immediately available for all employees in your company to view.

Types Of Training Videos

How do you release information throughout your company and make sure it sticks?

There are a variety of different training videos you can make available for your employees. Training video production services can create a video about any topic, from simple to complex. . Video concepts that benefit your company might include:

– Safety video

– Educational video

– E-learning

– Industry news

– Animated explainer

– Instructional video

Animated Training Videos

The best training videos are an enjoyable experience. Your training video can exceed expectations and rise above the dull norms of company training videos.

Animated Training Videos Enhance Content

Animation can be used to enhance the content. Animated videos help your brand tell its story. They are a fun and eye-catching way to place messages critical to your mission at the forefront of your brand image.

Animated Training Videos Increase SEO

An animated video can help boost your brand in search results, causing an increase in conversion rates. Plus, they’re an effective way to interact with your audience on social media and your website.

Animated Training Videos Keep In Memory Longer

Animated training videos can make your training sessions more memorable, which is always a good thing. If your training involves some levels of complexity, animations greatly assist by simplifying the message.

Animated Videos Make The Complex Less Complex

Plus, an animated video can help explain complex concepts faster. Animated training videos make it easier to comprehend information containing a lot of data or numbers.


Producing training videos is an excellent way to ensure the development and growth of your staff. Ensure that all of your employees fully understand your company’s strategy. Training videos are the key to more effective leadership. Human resources are crucial to the productivity and health of any organization.

The better training and leadership you provide the more productive your organization will be.

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