Your Key To Success: Basic Video Production

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If you’re thinking about creating videos as part of your content marketing strategy, you’re on the right track! Videos are a great way to engage your audience and can help boost your online presence.

But before you get started, there are a few basics you need to know. In this post, we’ll walk you through the basics of video production so that you can create videos that look great and achieve your desired results. Let’s get started.

What Is Video Production?

Video production is the process of creating videos. This can involve shooting and editing footage to encoding and publishing videos online. Video production can be a complex process, but you can create incredible videos that will engage your audience and help promote your brand or product with the right tools and knowledge.

Is Video Production Worth It?

There is not a single business these days who do not create videos for their products and services. With mobile phones optimizing for videos, the short answer is yes- if it is done right. Here are some video production statistics to consider:

Between 2013 and 2018, the amount of time that people spent watching videos online increased at an average rate of 32% per year. 

According to Statista and data collected in February 2019, audiences on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat spend around half of their time on the network watching videos. 

99 percent of marketers are planning to continue using video in their marketing in 2021, while 95 percent plan to increase or maintain their spend on online video, according to Smart Insights. 

B2B marketers cite allocating staff time and resources for video production as a top challenge for creating video, according to a Demand Metric study. 

Video Production Is The Process Of Creating A Video. This Process Typically Involves Several Steps Such As:

Pre Production Planning

This stage of production is all about planning. Before you even consider picking up a camera, you should sit down and plan your video. Think about the message you want to convey and how it will help your business or brand. If you have several different videos planned out, write them down so that you can keep track of which order they should be created in.

This production stage should include everything from writing a script to determining your video’s desired outcome. Write down any ideas that you have to keep track of them during the rest of the process.

Production Shooting & Videography

This is where the magic happens! During this stage, you’ll be collecting footage for your video production. If you’re planning to shoot on a professional video camera, make sure you know how to use it before filming. Also, make sure that everyone involved in the shoot knows what they need to do! Keep track of time while shooting so that you can stay on schedule for editing later.

Editing And Post Production

Once your footage is shot, it’s time to start editing using a video editor. This stage can involve everything from basic cuts and fades to more complex color correction and audio editing tasks. The amount of work you do in post-production will depend on the type of video you’re creating and the tools you have available.

Encoding And Publishing

Once you’re happy with your video, it’s time to share it. If you plan on sharing the video online, the process is usually pretty simple. You can upload videos directly to sites like YouTube or Vimeo using their respective uploading tools.

If you want to share your video offline, you’ll first need to export your finished project as a video file. You can then use a USB flash drive, CD/DVDs, or an external hard drive to store your video and distribute it to others.

Different Types Of Videos

There are many different types of videos that you can create, each with its own set of production requirements. Here are a few of the most common video types:

Corporate Videos

These are usually short promotional videos used to promote your business or brand. They’re often no more than a few minutes long and can be displayed on your company’s website or shared online via social media.

Training And How-to Videos

These are typically longer videos that teach viewers how to do something. For example, if you’re marketing a new product, you might create a how-to video demonstrating how to use it. This type of video is excellent for engaging your audience and helping them learn something new.

Product Videos

These are short videos used to promote a specific product or service. They can be used on your website, in email campaigns, or shared online via social media.

Company Overview Videos

This type of video gives viewers an overview of your company’s culture and values. It’s usually relatively short (around 2 minutes) but touches on several different areas so that viewers can get a complete understanding of who you are and where you’re coming from.

Event Videos

If you’re hosting an event, you’ll likely want to create a video recap of it. This video is perfect for sharing online and helps promote your event to potential attendees.

Marketing Videos

As the name suggests, these are videos used for marketing purposes. They can introduce new products or services, highlight new features or share important news with your audience.

Live-Action Videos

Live-action videos are just what they sound like – videos that feature real people instead of animated characters or footage. They can be used for various purposes, such as promoting a product or service, telling a story, or highlighting your company culture.

Animation Videos

Animation videos are created by animating still images to create a moving video. This type of video is usually used to demonstrate how something works. For example, if you’re designing a new product, you might create an animation video showing each of its features.


If your video needs characters, consider using cartoons instead of real people. Several different cartoon characters can be used depending on the type of video you’re creating. Animate the characters using software like Adobe After Effects or Toon Boom and add voiceovers to complete the effect.

Slide Shows

A slide show is a great way to showcase images as part of a video, making it perfect for company culture videos and event recaps. This type of video is simple to produce and can be done using Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Video Production Company For Your Next Project

Hiring a professional video production company can be a fantastic investment for your business. Not only will you get the high-quality videos that you need to succeed, but you’ll also gain access to other vital business tools such as highly skilled marketing and public relations professionals. Below are why you should hire a professional video production company for your next project.

More Cost-Effective In The Long Run

Although hiring a professional video production company can be expensive, the benefits are well worth the initial investment. For example, an agency will have access to tools and services that you may not have on hand. They’ll have experienced marketers on staff who can work with your brand or business in ways that you might not yet know-how. Additionally, an experienced video production company will produce high-quality and compelling videos, which will save you money in the long run.

Increased Visibility And Roi

In the past, video production companies have been relatively limited in reaching viewers. Thanks to social media and video hosting sites such as YouTube, a professional agency will be able to produce videos that reach a wider audience than ever before. As a result, more people will view your content, which will increase your visibility and help you achieve better.

When you work with a professional video production company for your basic video production, you’re also partnering with a team of skilled marketing professionals. These individuals understand how to get your videos in front of the right people and generate a higher ROI for your investment.

Improved Quality And Creativity

When you work with an experienced video production company, you’re working with a team of creative professionals dedicated to producing high-quality videos. By partnering with an agency, you’ll have access to better equipment, more creative ideas, and a passionate team about video production. This will result in more effective videos and more likely to engage your audience.

Access to 24/7 Customer Support

One of the best benefits of working with a professional video production company is that you’ll have immediate access to customer support 24/7. If you’re having trouble with your videos or need help with certain aspects of your production, you can contact an agency and get results quickly. This type of quick turnaround will improve your ability to produce better content and keep up with your competitors.

When you work with an agency, you’ll get the support of a team of experienced professionals in video production. They’ll be able to provide information, guidance, and talent that you might not have on hand yourself. By working with a company, you’re adding another dimension to your business that will help it grow and succeed.

Less Hassle And More Time To Focus On Your Business

Hiring a professional video production company will take the hassle of producing videos. You’ll no longer have to worry about scheduling crew members, renting equipment, or dealing with complex software. By partnering with an agency, you’ll be able to focus on your business and let the professionals take care of the video production. This will save you time and concentrate on other aspects of your business.

They Are Experienced And Know What Works

When you partner with a professional video production company for video productions, you’re working with a team of experienced professionals who know what works and what doesn’t. They’ve produced videos for various businesses and understand the ins and outs of video production. This knowledge will help them create videos that are successful and effective.

When you work with a professional video production company, you’re working with a team of experienced professionals who have the skills and knowledge to produce high-quality videos. By partnering with an agency, you’ll have access to this experience and be able to create videos that are effective and engaging.

Quality Resources And Equipment

When you work with an agency, you’re getting access to better equipment and more resources than you might have on your own. Agencies can use high-quality equipment that is expensive and difficult for individuals or small businesses to afford. At the same time, agencies also typically have access to more talented workers who know how to use this equipment properly. This combination will result in better-quality videos that are more likely to engage your audience.

Most businesses don’t have the time or resources to produce quality videos independently. By partnering with a professional video production company, you’ll be able to take advantage of their skills and experience, resulting in better videos that will help your business succeed.


Video production entails several aspects, such as directing, shooting, and editing. A professional production company will know how to handle these tasks and produce the best possible videos for your business. When you work with an agency, you’ll receive a finished product that is professionally created and engaging to your audience.


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