Is Church Video Production Important?

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Your church is a place of worship. For many, it’s the center of their community. Many people find peace and healing there.

And yet, you may not know what goes on behind the scenes to make this happen for your congregation. 

This blog post will help you understand what video production entails for churches so that when someone asks you about it, you can have an informed answer.

What Is Church Video Production?

Church video production is both a simple and complicated process. 

It’s tricky because it’s a mixture of many elements working together to produce the result: an HD video that tells your church’s story and its mission in your community.

The simplest definition would be to say that when you film interviews, speeches, meetings, or anything else related to your church, you’re doing professional video production.

Do People Engage In Church Videos?

The simple answer is yes and it is a lot. People are viewing more videos than ever on their mobile devices and this serge in video viewing directly translates to Church communities regularly viewing more online church content.

Here are some statistics we found:

Many churches are building online communities that could very well transition into in-person attendance, and 33% of churchgoers have found their current churches online. (

20% report that they have opted to view the service online rather than in-person, but they’ve only done this one or two times. (

16% of these people say that they’ve opted for the online service three to five times, and about 14% have done it six or more times. (

Live streaming has allowed worshipers to simply turn on service on their phones, and 44% of people have said that they prefer to be alone while they pray and worship. (

Different Types Of Church Videos

There are many different types of church videos. The most common are:

Worship Services

This could be a recording of your entire service or just a particular song or sermon. They’re usually filmed from a fixed camera angle. 

They’re used to gathering your congregation together, both those that couldn’t attend and those who want to watch it again. 

You can include details like those of who opens the door, who leads the worship and other details.

Sunday School Or Bible Study

Recordings of Sunday school services are often used to build collaboration within a community. 

For example, a group of people might form a class but live too far away to attend every week. By watching the video, they can participate in their class remotely.

Praise Reports

A praise report is a short recap of what your church has done for the community. They’re often filmed at special events like charity drives or mission trips. 

The idea behind them is that once people see what your church is doing, they’ll want to join.


These are videos of people sharing their experiences with your church. They’re meant to inspire others and show how the congregation makes a difference in people’s lives. 

Testimonials are often used alongside fundraising campaigns.

Church Events

These are videos of church events, like picnics or carnivals. They’re meant to show the fun and community spirit of your church. 

Church events include both special occasions and regular meetings. The idea behind them is that if people see how much fun they are, they’ll want to attend!

Staff Introductions/Promos

These are short videos introducing the staff of your church. They’re used to help people get to know the people behind the scenes.

Staff introductions are often used on church websites or as a welcome packet. They can also be used as a way to introduce new staff members.

Church History

This is a video documenting the history of your church. It could be a short film or just a slideshow with narration.

Church history videos are often used for anniversary celebrations or to introduce new members to the congregation.

Church Milestones

Church milestones are events that happen in the life of your church. They could be things like building a new sanctuary or reaching a milestone number of members. Milestone videos are usually commemorative.

Types Of Production Equipment

There are two main types of equipment to consider when doing church video production: DSLRs and camcorders.


DSLRs are often preferred over camcorders for their portability and flexibility. 

Most people associate them with higher-end cameras that can film in low light, capture the most amount of detail, and give beautiful cinematic motion to video footage.

DSLRs are used for all types of church videos of the highest quality like live streams except those that require a moving camera. 

They’re good if you want to do your filming (e.g., at staff meetings) or bring them along to other events (e.g., mission trips). 

However, they’re not ideal for filming worship services because they make it difficult to get good audio.


Camcorders are often preferred over DSLRs if your church wants to produce a show like The View. They’re suitable for video shoots that require a moving camera and multiple angles (e.g., events and testimonials). They’re also ideal for filming worship services because they have better audio quality than DSLRs.

Camcorders are better for film-style church videos. They’re not so good if you want to film because they have limited mobility. 

Also, because they’re built for video, they often have a zoom feature that you can use to adjust the frame.

Capture Devices

In addition to cameras, there are devices used to capture video footage or other visual media. 

They can be attached either to a camera or a computer monitor. They also capture the audio from the video, if there is any.

Importance of Video Production to Churches

Church video production is essential for various reasons, as outlined below:

Social Media is a Powerful Tool for Churches

Whether you like it or not, social media is a powerful tool for churches. This is because most people get their news from Facebook and Twitter. 

As a result, videos on your church’s Facebook page can often have a better reach than blog posts. 

Also, people are more likely to share videos than blog posts, so your church may see a boost in visitors from Facebook.

Church Videos Can Tell Your Church’s Story

Videos not only get people interested in your church, but they also help them get to know it better. 

This is especially important for churches that have many members who don’t live in the area. By telling your church’s story, you can give people a sense of what it’s like to be a part of it.

Video Production Builds Community

Video production builds community in different ways: 

It brings the congregation together to film events, helps people feel more connected to the church through staff introductions and milestone videos, and gives people a sense of ownership over the video content. 

When people think about the church and its mission, they’re more likely to get involved.

Videos Enhance Understanding of the Message

When done well, videos can enhance the understanding of the message. This is because they can bring what’s being preached or taught to live. 

Good video production considers the lighting, sound, and setting of the video. It also makes use of creative visuals and storytelling techniques. People are more likely to remember a video than they are a sermon.

Church Video Production Can Be Affordable

Church video production doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many affordable tools available for churches of all sizes. 

And, with the help of a good producer, you can produce quality videos even if you don’t have the budget for expensive equipment.

Church Video Production Is Accessible

People expect church video content to be fun and engaging. They don’t expect it to be as polished as a Hollywood film. 

This means that your church can produce videos using essential equipment and still achieve good results.

Connects With New And Potential Members

Videos help new, and potential members get to know your church by seeing it in action. And, because most people get their news from social media, videos on your church’s Facebook page can often have a better reach than blog posts. 

People are more likely to share videos than they are blog posts, so your church may see a boost in visitors from Facebook.

People can quickly get in touch with your church using videos. For example, you could have staff introduce themselves and share how to connect with them through social media or email. 

This makes it easier for people to communicate with your church.

Video Production Boosts Your Overall Marketing

Video production does a great job of connecting with people. It also boosts your overall marketing efforts because it can drive more traffic to other areas of your website, such as the blog or contact page. 

People are more likely to remember a video than they are a pamphlet.

What To Include In A Video Production About Your Church

When it comes to church videos, there are several things that you should include. These elements can go a long way towards making your video more effective:

Introduce The Church And Staff Members

Showing people around the church helps them get to know it better. 

This is especially important for churches that have many members who don’t live in the area. Introducing staff members also helps people feel more connected to the church.

Tell The Church’s Story

People want to know what your church is all about. An excellent way to introduce them is by telling the church’s story. 

This can include videos about how the church was founded, its mission, and its values. You can also highlight different aspects of the church’s work, such as community outreach or charity work.

Share Worship Services And Events

Sharing worship services and events is a great way to engage people. It also allows them to see the church in action. 

This can help build community and encourage people to get involved. When sharing the worship services, you also have the opportunity to explain things that may not be obvious, such as why specific prayers are said during the service.

Share Testimonials

People want to know how your church can benefit them. Sharing videos about people who have been helped by attending your church is an excellent way to get prospective members involved. This could be people talking about the music, messages, and service.

Share Details About Specific Programs

People want to know how your church can help them. Your videos should tell them about different ministry programs that align with their needs and interests.

This could include after-school programs for children or support groups for people going through a particular challenge in their lives. People can also learn about the different types of worship services offered.


People want to know what’s happening at your church. Your video should include things like special announcements about upcoming worship services or events. 

This can be especially helpful for people who live far away from the church and might not otherwise be aware of these opportunities.

Church videos are a great way to engage people in your community. 

And if your videos are posted on Facebook, you have the opportunity to reach even more people. Try adding at least one video to your church’s Facebook page each week.


Church videos are a powerful tool for engaging people and building relationships.

They’re also a good way to boost your overall marketing efforts. If you’d like to learn more about church videos, visit our website today!

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