What Is Corporate Video Production? Benefits And Uses Detailed

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Corporate video production is a way to present your business, products, and services in an interesting, creative manner.

Corporate videos are an extremely effective manner to engage your audience: they are a shareable, attractive, and dynamic way of communicating ideas. With wifi access and bandwidth speeds increasing, corporate videos have become increasingly popular.

Video production is how videos are created to be used for marketing purposes. Corporate video production has many additional benefits that business owners should know about to gain more customers and grow their company.

Many products or services are taking advantage of making a video to market products and services. TV commercials are expensive; they only play during select times and cost much more than putting together a corporate video. However, corporate videos can be produced with lower costs and higher returns.

Quick Facts On Corporate Videos

59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than reading text. 

According to a study done by the Harvard Business Review, research shows that people remember only 20% of what they hear and about 30% of what they see.

A recent study from Forbes stated that 75% of business executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. 

In the same study.

 Benefits Of Corporate Videos

Corporate video can be used for corporate communications, corporate training, corporate talent recruitment, and corporate video marketing.

Corporate videos are more than just recording someone talking about your product or service. They can be created to make an emotional connection with the audience to build trust between the viewer and the company. A professional corporate video production team will help you communicate relevant information to your target audience and make them want to purchase from you instead of the competition.

Other Benefits Of Corporate Videos

Corporate videos can be used to help improve the corporate training program for employees. They learn quickly and do better work. The corporate talent recruitment process is also made easier.

Finally, corporate videos can be used as corporate video marketing to maintain corporate brand awareness.

How Do corporate Videos Improve The Corporate Communications Of A Company?

Corporate communications are vital to business success. The more customers know about your products and services, the higher chance you have at selling them. This is where corporate videos come in. Instead of spending loads on an advertisement campaign, use corporate videos to reach a larger audience quickly.

Below we will go over what you should consider when making a corporate video for products and services.

There are many areas to consider when thinking about what you want in your corporate video production, including:

  • Types of product or service to be marketed – products or services vary between products that can benefit from 3D animation, products that need motion graphics, products that would benefit from a slideshow or products that can be marketed just through a voice-over.
  • Target market – depending on the target market, your video may benefit from a particular camera angle and how you have produced your corporate videos.
  • The angle of cameras creates an emotion based on the type of product or service you are offering. 
  • Camera crew – how qualified is the camera crew will determine the quality of the production. There can be an incredible amount of difference in the result of your corporate video by how qualified the team is that is shooting the video. 

Is A Corporate Video The Same As Any Other Video?

Not really, making a corporate video is much different than making a documentary where the camera person is experienced in the following activities through a camera. Here the camera person should capture from any angle and in stillness when necessary.

In many cases, it is ideal for your corporate video production to have an x-camera operator or a Steadicam operator. A large 4K resolution camera isn’t needed unless you are doing motion graphics, product shots or have people with high energy interacting with the video.

A larger camera doesn’t have to be used, but the bigger the resolution, the better because most of your work will go towards editing. Editing 4K footage can take a lot more time than editing 720p footage. More information on what you need is below.

What Are The Types Of Corporate Videos?

A corporate video is produced in many different ways for marketing products and services.

There are two main categories, which are non-scripted production and scripted production.

Non-scripted means that you have a camera person following the action as it happens or interviewing people on camera to capture what they are saying.

Scripted means that you have a video editor creating the footage to reflect what they want to show, but it typically involves motion graphics or screenshots of text or other media types.

Financially the main difference between these types of corporate videos is that non-scripted production can cost less than scripted productions and can be used for many products such as products that can be demonstrated, products that are seen better in motion graphics, etc.

There Are Many Types Of Corporate Videos

  1. Animated videos – this is when text or 3D animation is used for marketing your products or services.
  2. Slideshow video – typically a voice-over with images being presented to tell the story Video testimonial – typically an interview with a client or video blogger talking about their experience using your product or service.
  3. Explainer videos – typically a voice-over with motion graphics explaining how to use your product or service Live action video – typically an interview, explainer video, motion graphic piece, etc., being filmed.
  4. Corporate Profile Video – These types of videos are remarkable if you want to introduce your business enterprise to clients and ability stakeholders. It’s generally a short video that offers an extensive review of the business enterprise and the products or services which might be provided. it is able to consist of facts about your corporation’s motive, some organization history, or even a message from the CEO. those styles of videos are normally aimed toward helping people to understand and interact along with your employer.
  5. Corporate Conference Video – Filing conferences can include elements inclusive of enterprise tendencies, modern-day demanding situations and the way to conquer them, and additionally the destiny vision of your organization. Filing these meetings regularly can lead your teams to success and become more powerfully informed. Filming your convention can help to seize the principal topics that had been presented, and can also be a technique to expose prolonged content that wasn’t presented at the convention itself.
  6. Corporate Internal Communication Video – What better way to communicate to the employee than through an Internal Communication Video? These videos are an excellent way of clearly defining company policies, something new and upcoming in the pipeline of projects or services, or clearly sharing detailed information to employees to keep them informed.
  7. Corporate Promotional Video – This type of video is set getting more unique with regard to specific services or products. Those can regularly be showcased on line as particular audiences may be centered efficiently. however, those videos can also work well on tv broadcasting structures. Promotional corporate videos can assist to promote emblem reputation and logo familiarity. New product launches are also an exquisite concept to create patron attention.
  8. Corporate Industrial Video – Industrial Corporate Videos are aimed at people within a particular enterprise and or industry. They are designed to inform the watcher on a variety of industry products or services. Industrial videos are used for a large selection of different approaches to messaging. whether or not for enterprise to commercial enterprise advertising, fundraising, or investor involvement, Corporate Industrial Videos are often used at public events, trade shows, or investor events. 
  9. Corporate Branding Video – Your brand attention is key if you want your business to succeed. Branding videos need sturdy visible subject matters as well as consistency in color, fonts, and design if they’re to be successful. Multiplying logo attention helps to grow consumer loyalty. This way you will be certain to have a reliable and growing purchaser base. If customers know your brand, you create customer loyalty and can grow your customer base. 
  10. Corporate Testimonial Video – What can have a greater impact than to feature someone or groups of people who have already used your services or products? Industry leaders, high-profile users, celebrities all can go a long way in creating trust in your product and or services. 
  11. Company Recruitment Video –  Looking to attract top-notch potential candidates? Corporate Recruitment Videos are designed to feature your company’s culture. what makes you a great company to work for and what separates you from your competition. Corporate Recruitment Videos can also deliver the influence that your agency, business, and or company is being run efficiently, subsequently the want for more recruits.
  12. Corporate Social Media Video – Corporate Social Media Videos are generally quick and regularly emotive which inspires the viewer to share the video. What’s essential right here, is to spotlight the emblem and or brand of the products and or services that are being presented. This may be accomplished by linking your company to specific occasions or news headlines to catch the viewers’ attention. Social media videos are focused on niche unique companies of consumers that’s performed thru online algorithms. This makes it a completely powerful advertising and marketing device.
  13. Corporate Responsibility Video – What better way to show what your company is doing for the local community and giving back? Many clients appreciate a business that shows they care more the just the business itself and this can be demonstrated clearly through a Corporate Video. 
  14. Any combination of the above. There is not just one way to create a great Corporate Video. Often times our clients will choose a combination oh what is best to communicate to their customers.

Corporate Videos Are Generally Produced In One Of The Two Different Types Of Video Production

Non-scripted video production – when filming the subject. product or service is being interviewed or filmed without necessarily being planned out.  

Scripted video production – this is where everything being presented in the video is planned and shot from a plan- start to finish. 

Once Compete, You Will Need To Ensure That Your Video Is Optimized So Search Engines Like Google & Bing Can Find It Easily.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)? It is when you create video content with search engine friendly keywords, so engines like Google & Bing will better understand what the video is about and deliver it to people looking for your product or services.

What Is The Difference Between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is when you have text on a page that can be read to deliver your page when users search for search terms that you are looking to market. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the actual ads showing up in search engines to get people clicking on your products or services.

If you post a video about how to use a product, post optimized titles and text explaining what it’s about, so people searching will be able to find your video for both optimizations.

The Corporate Video Production Includes What You Post And Where You Post It

For example, if your product or service is in another country, but your audience is in the United States, post on social media platforms like Facebook and Google Plus because only people in certain locations will see it.

Social Media Video Marketing Is Very Inexpensive For The Return That You Get On It

If you are using video marketing for your product or service for social media, you can post in many places so people who might not know about your product or service can find it.

As an example, add a post on social media with a video showing you using the product and post on YouTube the behind the scenes video of how you produced that video. You will have three product videos; one post shows all three videos.

How Are Training Videos Used?

If you are interested in training videos, training video services include training for employees or customers on how to use your product or service.

Corporate video production for training includes training people to use your products and services and training new employees on the correct way to perform different types of tasks with your company. Training video production may include screen capture training, training on programs or training on using your products or services.

Training videos are an inexpensive way to train employees of any company. Training customers is an inexpensive way for companies who manufacture very expensive equipment to teach customers how to use that equipment without having large service bills.

Example: Training Video For Customers Works Well For Car Dealerships With Cars Over $50,000

Customers who purchase cars over $50,000 like to drive the car before they buy it. A live-action video tour of all the features in a new car is an inexpensive way for dealerships to do live training videos for prospective customers.

Live-action Video Tours Are Fun To Watch

Post-live-action video tours of your product or service at every opportunity. The more live videos you have about your video production company, the better chance you have of people visiting your website.

Testimonial Videos Create Emotion And SEO

Do not underestimate the power of video production company testimonial videos; they are incredible for search engine optimization and connect the emotion of the customer to the product. 

Corporate Culture Videos Show You Are The One To Work For

It is also important to post company culture videos on your company website. Most company websites do not offer company culture videos because company culture videos are boring.

Company culture videos can include a music video trailer that draws people into watching them. When the viewer watches the company culture video, they discover more company culture videos on your company website.

Do not underestimate the power of company culture videos, they often can sway a future employee’s final decision. 

Post-production Behind The Scenes Videos

Post-production video production is very simple; you can post-production videos on social media with links to your production company website.

Customers like to see behind-the-scenes production videos of how companies make what they make. Posting production process videos is an extremely effective way to market your product or service if you are building things.

You can also post pre-production video trailers for your products or services on social media since they effectively draw people.

Brand Exploration And Awareness 

People like to visit brand exploration websites showing brand awareness creativity because brand awareness brand exploration videos are very inspiring.

Video production is about the touch and feel of a product or service, and people like to be inspired before they purchase products or services that require brand exploration for brand awareness.

This kind of video production requires creative brand awareness, including development, creative pre-production, brand exploration, brand awareness, brand motivation, and brand creativity.

If you are creating a corporate video production for branding, post your creative brand exploration videos on social media with links back to your company website.

Once brands exists, it is impossible for any one person to know everything about a product or service because there is so much information available online.

Not All corporate Videos Need To Be Long

It is important to post short content videos on corporate video production like how corporate communications affect society or what corporate social responsibility is.

Once brands exist, no one person can know everything about a product or service because so much information is available online.

It is important to post short video content and corporate videos on corporate video production companies, like how corporate communications affect society or corporate social responsibility.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many different ways to express your corporate identity through Corporate Videos. Creating a great video requires an experienced company. We are here to help when you decide to create yours. 

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